First Steps Video Documentation

To run the Software on your Windows machine you start by downloading it on the Eduwear Blog in the Software Development category.

Download the Video (it is an Avi file)

Afterward you have to extract the zipped Archive.

Download the Video (it is an Avi file)

Change into the win folder and double-click on run.but

Download the Video (it is an Avi file)

The software starts up and you are ready to program.

Drag the blocks under the “Loop” block. Some blocks have a “connector” on the right side and you have to add another block i.e. a variable. An example is the “onfor” block. It needs to know how long it should switch something on. Therefore it needs a variable on its right.

Download the Video (it is an Avi file)

To transfer the program to the board change to the code view by clicking the code button. Compile the program and choose the right serial port. Click the button on the board and afterwards the button “upload” in the software.

Download the Video (it is a Flash movie)

Congratulations. You uploaded your first program when it says “Done uploading” in the software.

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