Textile PCB

Today we were working on a textile pcb prototype. We even finished the first one.
The technique used is embroidery and we worked with Siw’s sewing maschine. We used a very thin copper wire and fixed it with a zick zag stitches.
That is how it worked:
We started by sketching
and transfered the sketch to the fabric
Did the embroidery
and there we go. Now we put in the Arduino mini and fix it with a wire wrapper tool (and maybe a little bit of soldering)

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Mehrnaz says:

Dear Sir/ Madam,
I am a PhD student in University of Lübeck, Germany. I have designed an electronic board (electrode)to measure brain signals. I am going to find a company or research institute to be able to print it on textile instead of regular PCB board, as the final product should be wearable. Do you support these kinds of products? If so, how can I get more information about it?
Thanks and regards,

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