Presentation on Amavet 2007

Our faculty is every year hosting a scientific fair for young people – as a part of much more activities described as “The week of the science”. During these few days children from all over Slovakia are presenting their scientific projects in the area of Faculty of natural sciences. They can also visit various scientific lectures.
This year they had a chance to visit EduWear presentation as well. The title of the presentation was “EduWear – Smart textiles in education”. During the presentation I have roughly described the smart textiles and the ideas of our project. After the presentation students (aged approximately from 10 to 17) could touch the materials from the construction kit and all other components. The lecture was very short – just about 40 minutes.
At first the students seemed a bit confused by the idea of integrating electronic components into clothing, but later, after some examples were given they seemed to me more optimistic about the technology and starting to understand the idea behind smart textiles – they also came up with some ideas…
It was rather a short thing but a good experience for me before the upcoming first workshop here.

Photographs can be found here:

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