EduWear meets Senator of Education and Science at CEBIT 2008

The Technologie Zentrum Informatik of the University of Bremen has selected EduWear for Germany’s biggest Computer fair. As a special event for this day, Bremen’s ministre for science and education has opened our Bremen stand. Fotos by journalist Andreas Holling.


We proudly report that she has been impressed most by EduWear!


Check also the the archive of the tv station of Radio Bremen at:

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Bremer auf der Cebit
Sieben Bremer Firmen präsentieren sich gemeinsam an einem Stand bei der Cebit 2008.
Unter anderem stellen sie “intelligente” Kleidung vor.
4. März 2008
VideoBeitrag, [1'08]

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“CeBIT is the world’s largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunications solutions for home and work environments. The key target groups are users from industry, the wholesale/retail sector, skilled trades, banks, the services sector, government agencies, science and all users passionate about technology.

CeBIT offers an international platform for comparing notes on current industry trends, networking, and product presentations. Deutsche Messe AG has organized CeBIT in Hannover each spring since 1986.”

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One Response to “EduWear meets Senator of Education and Science at CEBIT 2008”

Anja says:

The senator even said that she was most impressed with our stand and that she would get back to us after the CEBIT.

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