Amici Software Update

New software release of Amici for windows (amici0001j, in German only) with some new features (e.g. method name is displayed in method block) and bugs fixed (e.g. sound problems).


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3 Responses to “Amici Software Update”

Eric Cariat says:


thanks for your program “Amici” which is very interresting and easy to use with the children.
I would be interested to translate it in French. Is it possible to get the source code ?
I’m an engineer working in industrial embedded application (Linux & GNU tools, C,C++). I don’t know a lot about java (but I d’ont think it’s necessary to understand everything to make some translation)

So I don’t know if you want to spread “Amici” in the open source world and in the french world, but I would be very happy to be part of it !

best regards,

Eric Cariat

Milena says:

Hej Eric,

great, thanks for your interest in the software. You can of course have the software’s code, just let me know. To change the language, you actually do not need to recompile and you don’t need the code, though. If you download the software take a look at the file. All words the software uses are in there. So you could just write the French translation in there restart the software and that is it.

Cheers Milena

Manuel says:

Great work, I am from Colombia and love this software,
but please, I need it for linux, for education with kids, I would translate it also,

I need please the source code, to make windows and linux version in spanish,
thank you so much ;)

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