Workshop issues by Deirdre, Tomas and Tunde

Hello EduWear partners!

After the kick off meeting the Workshop group sat together and tried to solve some basic issues that came up during our discussions in Bremen. So these were:

Duration of workshops:

We have 30 hours planned for each workshop (5×6 hours), but that is probably too much. In all participating countries it could be a problem to get the teachers and the children out of the school for a whole week. Usually the workshops and teacher training events last about 20 hours. We could do it in the following way:
- have a weekend workshop (2×8 hours),
- organize the workshops during the summer holidays,
- run the workshops in the afternoons when both children and teachers have more time (4×5 hours).

We can spend at least 20 hours working with them (“contact time” as Deirdre stated) and leave them to “play along” with the kit for another 10 hours. In this way we could fulfill the “30 hours lasting workshop” plan.

Chidlren working in the classrooms:

The children should work in small groups – up to 5 pupils in each of them. With the average number of students in the classroom between 20-30 we need up to 6 separate kits, or one kit containing enough material to share between 5-6 groups.

There were also some questions concerning the Construction kits:

Should the Kit contain also other materials? Should it contain also some tools (scissors etc?)

We agreed that to keep the cost of the Kit low it should only contain materials that are not usually available in the classroom. The teachers/children should bring their own art&craft materials from home (some maybe available in the schools too).

There was also a question whether we should prepare various versions of the kit for different target groups (age etc.), but so far we should focus on one version designated for 10-14 years old children.

Please post your ideas, comments or proposals here…

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One Response to “Workshop issues by Deirdre, Tomas and Tunde”

Anja says:

Hey Tomas, Tünde and Deirdre,
I have read the issues you raised about the time of running a workshop and the content of the kit. I think that these workshops are more of the type to be time consuming but we can maybe tell you a bit of our experience in the past.
As for the materials, I would also agree on material that cannot be made available in the setting where it is supposed to be used, e.g. classroom (or later at home).

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