Amici in Portuguese

Amici is now also available in Protuguese language! Thanks to Marcelo Freitas and Alan Fachini for translating!

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7 Responses to “Amici in Portuguese”

Lyselene says:

Parabéns Marcelo e Alan, já estou usuando com alunos do 9º ano e eles acharam super fácil.
Um grande abraço.

helena says:

where are you in Portugal? I am a textile designer, weaver and free lance teacher. Would like to know more about the eduwear kit.
abraço, helena

eva says:

hi helena, we don’t know about any EduWear activities in Portugal yet, but maybe there is someone?

helena says:

Thank you very much Eva for your comment. I am Dutch , working and living in Portugal. The above comment from Lyselene, in Portugese, says that she is teaching the program in Portugal…..

Lyselene, onde está a ensinar em Portugal? Vivo e trabalho na area têxtil, tecelagem manual em Odemira e gostava de saber mais sobre eduwear.
Obrigada, Helena

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