Dance presentation

To test hard- and software and develop together with children we have a weekly group of children coming to our lab. One group was recently finishing the projects: clothes for agents inspired by James Bond. They did build bracelets and had a dance as a presentation in Bremen’s town hall.

Lessons we learned: the connection between hardware and yarn is a critical point and we hope we can solve with the textile connectors. The children liked the software but found a lot of small bugs..

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3 Responses to “Dance presentation”

Milena says:

the truth is not much. they blinked in the same pattern but there was no sensory input. but the girls had only 3 afternoon sessions to finish the projects so I think that is alright.

Anja says:

I am quite impressed by the picture of both girls since I saw them before in the design workshop without make up and stylish dresses. The James Bond topic mus have inspired them a lot when I see their dresses and make up wearing their gadgets like real movie actors.

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