Amici – renewed!

We are happy to present a new release of Amici, version 0019n!

It’s renewed in several ways:

  • conceptually: There’s a new way of creating (most) actuator and sensor commands: E.g., you switch an actuator “on” by combining the actuator block with the on-block, or for creating conditionals, combine the if-block with the sensor-block. You can assign sensor values to variables (using the variable block with the sensor block) and reuse them later (including using operands there, see the image below for an example).
  • visually: Blocks have become more “transparent”, i.e. displaying pin numbers and sensor/actuator icons. Furthermore, block colours have been adjusted to make more sense.
  • internally: Amici 0019n has been re-merged with the latest Arduino (0019) release, so it should be more stable than our previous releases (increasing compatibility e.g. with Windows 7).

Please note that this release is still kind of beta, so some (rather visual) issues still need to be improved.


Amici 0019n is availabe in English and German, both for Mac and Windows:

If you would like to contribute to another language version (e.g., by adopting the previous Spanish, French or Portugue translations to the new release), please contact us!


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7 Responses to “Amici – renewed!”

henning says:

In a student project we encountered the problem, that the working sheet stops after about 30 blocks in height. Also Amici refuses to compile our program without any error message. I wanted to report just in case you did not know.

The cause for Amici not being available for Linux would be of interest for me, too. Maybe it’s about compiling avrdude? I would be pleased, if you could publish the sources (or send them to me), so I could try to build packages for Linux.

Corneel says:

I would like to help in developing a Dutch version of Amici. Please let me know if you need help. And it would also be nice to have Arduino Uno support, but I guess you need to rebuild Amici with Arduino 022…

harshit says:

I wanted to know that can byob(build your own block),which enables one to create custom blocks in scratch, be used for the same purpose in eduwear. If yes, then how?

eva says:

Hi, we also thought about having a custom-code-block. But due to the structure of Arduino code (e.g. separate variable declaration and setup method) it doesn’t seem feasible for us at the moment, I’m sorry.