We have fixed some bugs in Amici 1.0, e.g. the sound block and 7-segments-display-block.

Amici 1.0 r English version for Windows
Amici 1.0 r English version for Mac

Amici 1.0 r German version for Windows
Amici 1.0 r German version for Mac

Amici 1.0 r Portuguese version for Windows
Amici 1.0 r Portuguese version for Mac

Driver installation:
Before you can upload your projects to your Arduino board, you may need to install FTDI-USB drivers on your computer. Please see for Mac and for Windows instructions.


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5 Responses to “Amici_1.0_r”

3dsman says:

i just find your project amici and i would like to see if i can compile a linux version.
Can you send me the sources or push it on github or other git or subversion system please?
Thank you.

Marcus says:


I volunteer at a local school and just stumbled across Amici.
Students asked me if we could do robotics projects and so I got into Arduino as it seemed affordable.
Even though I do not intend on making wearables at the moment, Amici seems to be ideal. I have tried Ardublock and Minibloq, but Amici is so much easier to understand in my oppinion. Clear structures, sensor wizzard…
The only thing I found confusing is that I can not drag a whole section of blocks or scroll to the side on my small netbook screen.

Will there be an update? Is there a user forum other then the workshop site on which I can’t sign up on?

The german magazine CT Hacks just featured Ardublock and others, they should have featured Eduwearand Amici.

Keep up the great work!

eva says:

Hi Marcus, thanks very much for your comment. We are happy to hear that you like using the Amici programming environment.
We will consider your suggested improvements, especially the scrolling problem, with the next update.
Unfortunately, we don’t have resources for developing at the moment, but can only do it during leisure time. Therefore, it might take same time until we publish the next update.

Roberto says:

Hello, I want to congratulate you for your Amici project, you can send me the source code because I would like to add some blocks.