What’s EduWear?

EduWear logoEduWear aims at contributing to the reduction of inhibiting factors by employing an approach rooted both in education and in ICT development. The objective is to develop an educational low-cost construction kit for wearable and tangible interfaces.

Understanding ICT and being able to use them competently and confidently, and possibly to actively shape their development are competences that are crucial for societal participation in the information society. Structural barriers and mechanisms of marginalisation as well as high cost of educational ICT materials inhibit the development of such competencies.

Wear and Move EduWear workshop

These new interfaces open up opportunities for haptic, tactile and aesthetic experiences, thus a wider range of learner types can be included. Thematic concepts for courses, workshops (both as part of school offers and as free-time activities – formal and informal learning settings) will be developed, implemented and evaluated, also focussing on issues of marginalisation.

Go to “Getting started …” to find information and downloads to start constructing your own projects with the EduWear toolkit.

If you would like to run an EduWear workshop at your place, we can also offer you a “tutor training” to get acquainted to and learn about the EduWear toolkit and workshop concept. For more information, please contact us!

The following partners participated in the project: The Swedish School of Textile (Boras, Sweden), Comenius University (Bratislava, Slovakia), St Patrick’s College (Dublin, Ireland), X10D International IT Services Ltd. (Budapest, Hungary) and University of Bremen (Bremen, Germany) as coordinator.

Eduwear project partners logos

The EduWear project was funded by the European Union within the Socrates (Minerva) program from October 2006 until September 2008. Grant Agreement Number: 2006-2062 /001-001 SO2-5-MIOD 229651-CP-1-2006-1-DE-MINERVA-M).

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