About Amici

Amici – the Visual Programming Language for Arduino

Amici is a visual programming language which enables programming novices to program Arduino boards without having to master the textual programming language Arduino. Amici builds on the Arduino IDE (further information can be found at arduino.cc).  Since the Arduino software is open-source Amici is open as well (source code on request), released under the GPL.

Amici is available for Windows and Mac in several languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch).


Amici has been developed by researchers of  Dimeb (Digitale Media in Education) at the  University of Bremen as part of the European project EduWear. The software been used in more than 40 workshops by children and young people. You can find out more about our ongoing workshops at the TechKreativ website.

If you are interested in our research on digital fabrication, children and Bildung, please visit the dimeb research groups’ website.