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EduWear Kit available for purchase

We are happy to announce that the EduWear kit is now available for purchase from the Watterott online shop!

The EduWear kit consists of a small suitcase containing LilyPad Arduino components, tilt sensors, a vibration motor, resistors, a multimeter and additional material like a sewing kit and conductive fabric — basically everything you need to get started with our own smart textiles projects.


Leah Buechley in corperation with SparkFun released the first version of the LilyPad. It seems to be a great work and I can’t wait till I get one.
View the LilyPad guide for more examples.

We will order it for EduWear, but unfortunatly it is already sold out.

So we will stick to the shield for the Arduino Mini that I verified, until there are new LilyPads availible. That is the Layout in Eagle and here is a pic of the layout.