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Snap pcb

Although we agreed on working on a textile pcb, we tried ease the connection between a “regular” pcb and textile materials (e.g. conductive yarns). One solution is to sew directly to the pcb (as you can do it on the very nice Bling Cricket)but it has to be done neatly what is quite hard for a lot of children (and adults ;-) ). At our meeting in Sweden we could work together on different solutions.

The Textilhögskolan has a lot of very advanced machines but for today we sticked with snap-button and button tools.

What came out is a pcb that has snap buttons pressed on.

Teacher’s kit

Most schools do not have the tools required to work with the electronic/textile combination. Therefore we packed a teacher’s kit in addition to the kit for children.

As you can see, we have a multimeter, special scissors that work with the conductive yarn, clips, cable, a battery and connector, the board, examples (i.e. prepared gloves that can act as sensors), a textile bus (to demonstrate basic principles of electronics), software, sensors/actuators, fabric, a manual and yarn.

There are still parts we are not sure about: do we need a lab power supply, a soldering iron and a breadboard?