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Textile PCB with snaps

Today we put in snap buttons as connection to a textile bus into the prototypes.

We figured out that we have to work with straight lines to connect to a textile bus. The snap buttons are a neat thing for the children to work with. For the production it means a lot of manual labour. The idea was to have snaps on the textile pcb and on the patches plus a snaps set with tool to put them in in the toolbox. Unfortunatly the snap boxes with the tools are really expensive.

Textile PCB

Today we were working on a textile pcb prototype. We even finished the first one.
The technique used is embroidery and we worked with Siw’s sewing maschine. We used a very thin copper wire and fixed it with a zick zag stitches.
That is how it worked:
We started by sketching
and transfered the sketch to the fabric
Did the embroidery
and there we go. Now we put in the Arduino mini and fix it with a wire wrapper tool (and maybe a little bit of soldering)