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Ideas around the Body Lab – The Glove 2

I really like the idea of “interactive” gloves. With the similar approach as the patterns used during the workshop in Bremen, they could be a part of the beginners kit, with main goal to teach children basic facts about circuits, how these work…
In Bremen you also showed a great example of teching circuits – by creating a chain from children, asigning a special function to each of them.
We can combine both approaches, by providing the students with gloves that would enable them to “connect” to each other and to create a real circuit.

I have made a drawing of the idea:


I was thinking about a glove, that would have for example conductive Velcro fastener (or other kind of conductive and easy to use connector) at the end of the finger tips. Conductive yarns would be wowen into the glove, heading towards the upper side of the palm. There could be another piece of hardware sewed in permanently (battery, led, motion sensor…) so we’ll have several types of gloves that would enable the kids to create the most simple circuits without a controller.
We can also leave a blank space with press studs on the top of the palm to attach patterns (similar or same as the ones already used in Bremen). Therefore we have a more flexible glove. Moreover we can for example sew in another two more press studs to attach longer wires (well, it doesn’t have to be wires, we are working with conductive textiles…) that would create a connection between left and the right hand of a children – so they could join both their hands with classmates and create even more complicated circuits.
There are many possibilities what to do with such gloves, since there are many circuits children can build.

Ideas around the Body Lab – The Glove

Further ideas referring to the idea of a body lab where children get the opportunity to experiment with different sensors and actuators which are connected to the movements of their body have led to a glove:

The idea is that it is empty at the beginning so the purpose is open still. Later different sorts of sensors or actuators can be implemented according to children’s decisions.

Several gloves have been produced so far: