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Announcement: EduWear Seminar and Workshop in Riga

Seminar: The Challenge of Smart Textiles on 15 February 2008

Follow-up Workshop: EduWear on 4 March – 7 March 2008

at Riga Technical University, Latvia, information also avalaible at the

Cumulus Website

“The cultural initiative e-text+textiles is organizing event series Body & Space in Riga during the February and March 2008. These events consist of an exhibition Body & Space showcasing the newest developments within the field of smart textiles by the Swedish School of Textiles in Boras, a seminar The Challenge of Smart Textiles addressing and discussing the issues highlighted by the exhibition as well as a practical workshop EduWear giving a specialist insight into the construction and design of e-textiles.

Seminar: The Challenge of Smart Textiles

Specialists forecast that in a not too distant future the design and the production of textiles and clothes may become as complex a process as automotive design, This will demand a design approach much more like that of engineering. The intention of the seminar is to address and reveal the contemporary issues regarding textile technology and design in all their complexity and to illuminate the theoretical and practical issues actualized by the Body & Space exhibition in order to critically engage the local specialists and other interested people in the current discourse surrounding the research, production and dissemination of smart textiles within the contemporary design context. During the seminar specific focus will be placed around concepts relating to textiles as the future material, soft electronics and smart textile systems for the body and its various environments. The other point of enquiry will be the complex research practices across design, science and technology which have proven to be successful in creating new synergies, concepts and products. These issues will be discussed from the perspectives of researchers, design practitioners, technologists, industry representatives, economists and educators. It is expected that this should contribute to the wider context of the current dialogue between (textile) craft, technology, design, art, science and society. The invited specialists from Sweden and Latvia will offer their expertise and will discuss the practical developments, innovative concepts and economic potential of smart textiles as well as the impact of these practices on our everyday lives. The themed panel sessions will be followed by Q&A sessions which will insure the necessary interaction between the presenting experts and the audience.

Please read the conference The Challenge of Smart Textiles programme and proceedings in separate documents on the e-t+t website:

Registration for the seminar is essential. Please confirm your attendance by 11 February 2008 at
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Workshop: EduWear

There will be a follow up to the seminar The Challenge of Smart Textiles in the form of a practical workshop for a small group of selected design and technology students from Latvia. During this hands-on workshop students will learn how to develop and program e-textiles. EduWear aims at contributing to the reduction of inhibiting factors by employing an approach rooted both in education and in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) development.

The workshop EduWear in Riga is organised by e-text+textiles in collaboration with the Swedish School of Textiles in Boras and the Riga Technical University. EduWear project is supported by the European Commission.”

Please read the EduWear description by Prof. Marion Ellwanger in a separate document on the e-t+t website:

German Science Journalism Fair "Wissenswerte"

Hello all,
in November 2007 our working group presented our project as well as other fields. The feedback was very positive and we have made valuable contacts to interesting institutions such as “Focus” School (Department of German Magazine) who asked for the dates of our next workshops so that they can announce them for all over Germany.
Likewise, other initiatives would like to have our workshops as award for winners of certain campaigns, e.g. battery recycling. We are going to follow all of these contacts and let you know about the progress.


Presentation on Amavet 2007

Our faculty is every year hosting a scientific fair for young people – as a part of much more activities described as “The week of the science”. During these few days children from all over Slovakia are presenting their scientific projects in the area of Faculty of natural sciences. They can also visit various scientific lectures.
This year they had a chance to visit EduWear presentation as well. The title of the presentation was “EduWear – Smart textiles in education”. During the presentation I have roughly described the smart textiles and the ideas of our project. After the presentation students (aged approximately from 10 to 17) could touch the materials from the construction kit and all other components. The lecture was very short – just about 40 minutes.
At first the students seemed a bit confused by the idea of integrating electronic components into clothing, but later, after some examples were given they seemed to me more optimistic about the technology and starting to understand the idea behind smart textiles – they also came up with some ideas…
It was rather a short thing but a good experience for me before the upcoming first workshop here.

Photographs can be found here: