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Amici 1.0 q

We updated Amici to Arduino 1.0 and fixed some bugs that we found during a workshop with kids!

So, what’s new in Amici 1.0 q:

  • based on Arduino 1.0
  • using an actuator on a PWM-port (Pin 9, 10 or 11) looks better now – use the on-(or off-) button to display the power value
  • further bugs fixed

Amici 1.0 q English version for Windows
Amici 1.0 q English version for Mac

Amici 1.0 q German version for Windows
Amici 1.0 q German version for Mac

Suggestions are welcome!


edit (09/11/12):
please note: the Java folder was missing in the Windows version so that you might have had problems launching Amici on your Windows Computer (esp. Windows7). This has been fixed now, so please download again :-)

Driver installation:
Before you can upload your projects onto your Arduino board, you may need to install FTDI-USB drivers on your computer. Please see for Mac and for Windows instructions.

New Amici (22 o)

New versions of Amici (based on Arduino 22) are available for Windows in
French and

The new version contains a new block for the use of a 7-segment serial display. This new “Display” block  can be used to monitor the values of a sensor while the Arduino-Board is not connected to a computer. The display can also be bought online here (Germany).