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French translation of Amici / Amici en français

Grâce à Eric Cariat Amici est également disponible en français. Merci beaucoup et bonne réussite à tous et à toutes! /

Many thanks to Eric Cariat for a French translation of Amici!

You can download it here: Amici v.0001j French translation (Windows)

An English version of Amici v.0001j is now also available: Amici v.0001j English (Windows)

Lately, we have done some “tutor training” workshops to spread the EduWear concept elsewhere. You can find a newspaper article about such an event here (in German only, sorry!).

If you would also like to run EduWear workshops at your place, we can also offer you a “tutor training” to get acquainted to and learn about the EduWear toolkit and workshop concept. For more information, please contact us!