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Slovakia 1st Workshop Results

Results of the 1st workshop…

1st Slovak workshop report.pdf

Following products were created during this workshop:

Signaling glove – with a strong LED on finger tip, three LED as traffic lights (triggered by switches on fingertips of three different fingers) and a tilt sensor (depending on the position of your hand the LED are either flashing or just shining):

Police hat – with flashing lights made out of LEDs:

Shining in the dark glove – three extra strong LEDs on fingertips and a light sensor. With less light the LEDs shine stronger and vice versa:

Functional Bag – to detect mobile phone calls if the phone is placed inside the bag – with a light sensor and some LEDs:

Invisible material – with LEDs and sensors. This prototype is a demonstration of a technology:

LED display – a prototype that was not completed. Final product would be placed on a T-shirt and display various messages based on signals from tilt and temperature sensors:

Health T-shirt – T-shirt with textile switches on the back side, that would detect the correct seating position, with a straight back. If the position is not correct, the LEDs will glow: