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Avantex – International Forum for Innovative Apparel Textiles

Marion will present EduWear at this well known exhibition. A poster has been prepared, see beneath.

Date: 12 – 14 June 2007
Place Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

Check the Avantex homepage at

Following subjects are addressed:

“The Future of the European Textile and Apparel Industry”
This session coorganised by EURATEX, its Working Group Technical Textiles and Messe Frankfurt discusses trends, strategies and visions of that industry.

“4th International Avantex-Symposium”
The symposium offers a wide range of interesting and innovative lectures and presentations for suppliers, users and experts …

“Avantex and Techtextile”

EduWear Presentation at TZI-Info Day on 10th of May 2007

The TZI Info day deals with new working and living environments with ICT and the demographical change. The audience is from economy and science and the idea is to bridge these through presentations and interviews. The TZI Info Day Program can be checked where the titles of the presentations and topics are partially in English.

The idea was to hold a presentation on the project and the first workshop…

as well as give an outlook of the future and what kind of settings we plan with the construction kit, such as marginalized groups, migration groups and intergenerational learning groups:

At a later stage we had the opportunity to show examples and explain these to the audience:

We showed different examples, for instance the necklace with a programmed order of LEDs glowing and a shirt with a tilt sensor on the sleeve:

We also explained the function of the data bus and its role in circuits as well as the idea of a two-level kit, i.e. for introductory purposes and advance level learning goals:

While answering questions contacts have been made because of a more informal setting. This way the presenters and the audience could play around with the artefacts…

…and discuss the background of the project:

Local TV of Bremen on First EduWear Workshop with Children

1. EduWear Workshop presentation at Radio Bremen TV

A contribution at the local tv station Radio Bremen was shown on Thursday 5th of April 2007 but is only available in German. Please, copy the text below for the search within the archive:

Wenn andere Ferien machen
Eine Ferienwoche lang haben Kinder aus Bremen, Verden und der Schweiz im Bremer Jugendgästehaus ganz normale Taschen mit Elektronik zum Leuchten, Piepen und Blinken gebracht. Veranstaltet wurde dieses Nachwuchsförderprogramm von der Universität Bremen.

2. EduWear Workshop Presentation as video conference recording

During the presentation on the 5th of April 2007 an EduWear video conference (click on “replay”) was held with the project partners who recorded the happenings for later reviews. You may skip the first hour of preparation and rehearsal in order to get directly to the presentation.