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Superhero costume

In our weekly group we have some interesting projects. One might be the “Superhero costume” that allows the wearer to sense thing that are close through a super sonic sensor.
Supersonic senor


The gloves prove quite successful so far. All kids were fascinated by the glow-in-the-dark color and one boy is working on an idea very similar to Deirdre‘s and Eimear’s glove. I will give you more information about the project next week.

Dance presentation

To test hard- and software and develop together with children we have a weekly group of children coming to our lab. One group was recently finishing the projects: clothes for agents inspired by James Bond. They did build bracelets and had a dance as a presentation in Bremen’s town hall.

Lessons we learned: the connection between hardware and yarn is a critical point and we hope we can solve with the textile connectors. The children liked the software but found a lot of small bugs..