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Ideas for Basic Concept and Scenario Body Lab

Overall concept:
Message(s), reflection and insights about technology & society made by adults are passed on to children. Provide opportunities for children to find authentic tasks.

Basic approach:
Relationship(s) between technology and material:
Technology is interactive, hence evoke something; material is to be selected carefully to provide manifold imaginations and possibilities.
Consideration of “lack of aesthetic design” and intercultural aspects:
Textiles are common language; the exploration of fairy tales, archetypes, and story telling etc. give more ideas.

Topics to be offered:
Scenarios, eg. body (thinking body, communicating body), identity, etc.

Basic elements:
As examples of attraction and excitement: competition and expression.

Scenario “Body Lab”

Target group:
Kids 10-14


1. (Body)
Exploring the body, its, brain, movement, and senses,
e.g. such as its possible in specific museums, e.g. in Budapest and Bremen for scientific exploration.

2. (Technology)
Exploring the construction kit
Speaking about sensors/actuators, programming

3. (Reflection)
Experiencing how technology is reducing and enhancing human senses through games

4. (Interaction)
Imagining how human senses can be enriched through technology, develop a picture of what they want to build

5. (Construction)
Construction, design and programming, and presentation