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The City of Bremen

bremen town
musicians Bremen is a hanseatic city in north-western Germany, mostly known by people around the globe because of the famous fairy tale "Town Musicians of Bremen" that today often stands for welcoming migrants. Next to the statue of the four musical animals the old town of Bremen attracts with its beautiful town hall, the market place and the Schnoor quarter where the roots of the city lie. The city center of Bremen is next to the river Weser, where the green banks invite to walk, to bike or have a picnic. By following the river, you will walk by the Weserstadion - the home stadion of Bremen's football team Werder Bremen. Near the Weser you can also find the Beck's brewery where the well-known beer is made.

The University of Bremen

The conference will be held at the campus of the University of Bremen. The University of Bremen was founded in 1971.The campus of the University is located in the North of the city and surrounded by the technology park. The research activities of the University belong to the best ones of Germany and are highly ranked worldwide. More than 20.000 people from over 120 countries work and study together and give the campus an international atmosphere. Engineering, digital media and educational science are only some of the most notable reputations of the University. All in all the University is divided into 12 faculties.

Travel connections to and from Bremen

bremen main station

By plane:
Bremen can be reached by plane to the Airport Bremen which is 15 min away from the City Center by tram with direct connection to the university campus. Other airports nearby are in Hamburg or Hannover, which can be reached by train in about 90 minutes.

By train:
The Main Railway Station of Bremen is located in the inner city and there are good train connections to Bremen using the InterCity Express Trains (ICE).


binking nearby or important airports:
Hamburg: 125 km, 1 hour by train
Hannover: 130 km, 1 hour by train
Frankfurt: 450 km, 4 hours by train, 1 hour by plane
Amsterdam (NL): 400km, 4.5 hours by train, 1 hour by plane

other cities:
Berlin: 400 km, 3.5 hours by train
Munic: 750 km, 6 hours by train

Getting around in the city

Tram 6 - the easiest way to get to the conference
The tram number 6 connects the airport, city center, central (train) station as well as the University. When arriving at the airport you can take the tram 6 in the direction "Universität"; departing from the University you take the tram 6 in the direction "Flughafen". Tickets, multiple- and single-rides, can be easily purchased at the vending machine in the tram. When you are staying at the Star Inn the closest tram station would be "Hauptbahnhof-Central Station"; for guests of the Atlantic Hotel Universum the station would be "Universität NW1".

The nearest station to access the MZH building, where the IDC is taking place is "Universität Zentralbereich". When you get off you just have to turn right and go straight to the tall, red building in front of you.

We will set up signposts around the Atlantic Hotel Universum and the tram station "Universität Zentralbereich" to help you find your way so that you won't get lost. Anyway, the MZH building is the tallest building on our campus and is half red, so it is quite noticeable.


Along with your registration, you can book accommodation at one of our two conference hotels.
Please note that the special conference rates are only available when you book them during the registration process. If you book independently, you will probably pay much higher rates or rooms will be unavailable.

Atlantic Hotel Universum
Distance to University of Bremen: approx. 5 minutes walking distance (single EUR 92.00 /double EUR 125.00)

Star Inn Hotel Bremen Columbus
Distance to University of Bremen: approx. 15 minutes by public transport (single EUR 71.00 / double EUR 98.00)

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