The Museum as a Social Network – Interfaces for real-time collaboration, engagement, and serious content creation

Leonardo M. De Araújo
This PhD project aims at supporting interpretation in museum contexts by researching on strategies to facilitate the communication between both institutions and communities. As part of the project,...

Opening to Interactivities with heuristic methods.

Chen, Bing Ice
Exploring new approaches to more meaningful interaction models for Language Acquisition    

Inclusive Interactives: the transformative potential of making and using computationally-enhanced craft objects in after-school settings

Roger Meintjes
Short Abstract:How computational construction kits and the environments in which they are used can be designed to inspire and empower diverse groups of disadvantaged youth to invest in each other and...

BatiKids - A digital tool designed to support children in learning and understanding the process of producing Batik Tulis within the museum context

Hestiasari Rante
The study is based on the need of a new approach to support children in learning the traditional process of making Batik Tulis in Indonesia. The traditional technique is an ancient method, which has...