Our classes address:

  • Students of digital media
  • Students of computer science
  • Students qualifying for  teaching and other students in education studies

dimeb is responsible for the organization of the  Zertifikatsstudium DiMePäd. Most of our classes are accepted for this certificate.

Students from different disciplines are often brought together in our classes. We explicitly encourage interdisciplinary cooperation. One of our aims is to explore new forms of teaching and learning at the university. We also encourage open project-oriented work on the part of students.

The classes are held by Heidi Schelhowe and  research assistants with different backgrounds. Additionally, we organize classes taught by external experts. Contents of our classes are software applications in the field of education, mobile and tangible interaction, body interaction, story telling, social software and communities, learning with digital media for children and adults and others.

Advice for final reports and theses

Reports and theses for final degrees (Bachelor, Master, Diplom) are preferably supervised in the referred fields and in media analysis and media theory. Please visit:

English speaking student:

  • Advice about creating your Master Thesis.
  • Notes and hints on how to write an academic paper.