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Vocational and advanced training for companies

The exploration of new ways is indispensable to fully utilize the creative potential of diverse people, who work together in an organization, and to promote innovation and learning capabilities within the entire organization.

We offer employees of companies to experiment with information and communication technologies. In our 2-3 days workshops the transforming potential of IT and digital media can be experienced. Micro-controllers, actuators, sensors and a programming environment are provided to create and design one’s own products and processes.

In everyday work processes conceptions regarding optimization and quality increase arise that can be translated to prototypes here.

TechKreativ-professional offers the opportunity:

  • to express innovative and creative ideas
  • to encourage technical, communicative and team work competencies

TechKreativ-professional is offered by the Technology Centre for Computing and Communication Technologies (TZI), research group Digital Media in Education of the University of Bremen.

The workshop series is supported by BIG Bremen, with the aim of giving shape to successful workshops in an university environment as well as within an attractive customer service programme.


The workshop

In a TechKreativ-professional workshop colleagues construct a technical object in a small team. They create a product with the materials provided, program and design a process.

The materials include a micro-controller, which presents the heart of the constructed artifact. It is endowed with sensors (e.g. light, tilt and temperature sensors) with which the environment can be perceived. Actuators (e.g. LED lamps, motors and sound modules) offer reactions to the environment. Through the programming of the micro-controller the artifact is made alive.

For constructing such an artifact not only the handling of technology is needed though. There is soldering, sewing, glueing, cutting and prettifying until the end result is much more than a technical functioning object. A social and aesthetic overall context evolves. In the workshop colleagues become active themselves and thus acquire competences and communicate their ideas and conceptions.


TechKreativ for your company

Innovation and competitiveness of companies largely consist in the ability to creatively apply technological processes and products, to develop and optimize them. Thereby a company has to rely on the competences and motivation of its employees.