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At your request, we also develop tailor-made concepts aiming at any specific target group, focusing on a topic of your choice or integrating a technology that you take special interest in.
Inter-generational workshops in which adults and children designed and constructed SmartTextiles products together have proven to be a positive experience for everyone involved.

Usually all these groups are heterogeneous with regards to the age of the participants.

Mobile Learning for individuals with special needs

Mobile learning (often called m-learning) increasingly gains in importance. New mobile technologies allow learning in diverse daily contexts, anytime, anywhere. Especially for disabled people mobile learning provides access to information, that integrate particularly well into their everyday contexts.

Aim of this project is to develop new pedagogical scenarios based on personalized learning concepts and mobile technologies. These scenarios offer better learning chances for people with learning disabilities and special needs.

Interactive installation: the Swarm
A cloud of light spots is projected onto a specific area within a room. When a person steps into this area, an interaction between them and these light points starts instantly. Each movement of the person has an effect on the cloud.

Young and old people can immerse themselves in this world of light spots within the framework of a workshop. By doing so, they can experiment with the accessibility and usability of the technical computer system.

In our VirtualLab participants in workshops have documented their projects.