Kinder beim Workshop

Welcome to dimeb

The research group Digital Media in education is concerned on the one hand with educational applications in computer science and media informatics, and on the other hand with digital media and media education within the context of pedagogical didactics. The group is embedded in the field of computer science and media informatics and is focused on primary education in digital media for trainee teachers. It thus presents an opportunity to develop a specific profile, “digital media in education”, and to create a bridge between technology culture and pedagogy, hence developing a transdisciplinary orientation. The group is led by Prof. Dr. Heidi Schelhowe.

What we address as our particular concerns

Some of the important topics in the focus of the research group include issues surrounding intercultural communication, responsibility for disadvantaged children and youth and a purposeful orientation to the needs and interests of both genders with the aim of achieving greater diversity in the design of technology, in software products, and their application in context. We engage in regional as well as national and international cooperation.

A programme — a room

The term TechKreativ encompasses different programmes for children and young people, but adults as well: It is designed to encourage a more creative approach to technology and to experiment with new forms of learning and design. The center for interaction and digital media (ZIM) is the room where members for dimeb, students, school children and young people, as well as cooperation partners meet in order to gain insights into the development of technology. Here, they find the ideal conditions to develop their skills and experiment with digital media.