dimebís research projects combine technological sciences and humanities, especially computing science/digital media and educational sciences, aiming at interdisciplinary intertwining to reach a higher quality of hardware and software for educational contexts and a better integration of digital media in learning environments.

As member of the Technology Center for Informatics and Information Technology (TZI), dimeb is connected to cutting-edge innovative technologies and contributes to their transfer to society at an early stage.

Research and research-oriented teaching projects are directed towards:

  • Construction and design of software for education, in particular tangible technologies, body interaction, mobile technologies, web 2.0 technologies, FabLabs
  • Development, adaptation and exploration of digital media in contexts of application
  • Early involvement of users in the process of software development
  • Observation of changes in educational and learning processes, exploration of the role of digital media in these evolving processes
  • Methodologies of interaction and experience design; development of a new specific concept of Reflexive Design, design for reflexive experience; evaluation of usability of computer systems
  • Cooperation with children and adults, with schools and other institutions as well as people from fine arts in developing creative applications of digital media
  • Media literacy and media education as special field in a digitalized society
  • Evaluation of environments and processes where digital media are used. Special attention is given to the diversity of users in matters of ethnicity, gender, education, age and in overcoming the digital divide
  • Empirical research (mainly in qualitative approaches) concerning changes in subject construction in the digital culture