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Call for Participation – Workshop “Sustaining Girls’ Participation in STEM, gaming and making” at IDC 2018

The workshop brings together researchers, educators, designers and practitioners in child-computer interaction to explore how we can shape and create (learning) environments and tools to sustainably engage girls of diverse backgrounds and all ages in STEM, gaming and making.

Participants will share their experience with relevant initiatives, identify challenges and discuss empirical outcomes and novel designs to build up and strengthen the international community of interest in gender and inclusivity in child-computer interaction related to the following questions

  • How can we sustain participation of girls of diverse backgrounds in STEM, gaming and making?
  • How can we better involve the children’s social environment (parents, teachers, peers, etc.)?
  • How can we raise awareness for intersectionality of gender with other dimensions such as race and class among researchers and designers of digital tools and toys for children?

We invite participants to submit position papers (2-4 pages in SIGCH Extended Abstract Format) that report on their research, experience, (local) initiatives and/or designs for supporting gender and inclusivity in STEM, gaming and/or Making.

Deadline for submissions: 15th April 2018

Workshop date: 19th June 2018 in Trondheim/Norway

More information on idc2018girls.wordpress.com