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New Project: EduWear

Understanding ICT and being able to use them competently and confidently, and possibly to actively shape their development are competences that are crucial for societal participation in the information society. Structural barriers and mechanisms of marginalisation as well as high cost of educational ICT materials inhibit the development of such competencies. The EduWear Project aims at contributing to the reduction of inhibiting factors by employing an approach rooted both in education and in ICT development. An educational low-cost construction kit for wearable and tangible interfaces – particularly smart textiles - will be developed. These new interfaces open up opportunities for haptic, tactile and aesthetic experiences, thus a wider range of learner types can be included. Thematic concepts for courses, workshops (both as part of school offers and as free-time activities - formal and informal learning settings) will be developed, implemented and evaluated, also focussing on issues of marginalisation. A web-based virtual laboratory will be established and used as a platform for the collaborative development of the construction kit and for cross-national and project-wide communication, exchange and dissemination. One of the main objectives of the project is to foster the experience that one’s environment can be shaped and influenced – and how.